Friday, September 30, 2011

Beneath the Rough -- Where is the Diamond?

Long have I looked.

And Toiled.

I have turned the Earth over and over and strip-mined the soul.  Soiled have my hands become in my labors and withheld has become a number of wages.  Still, I keep digging, looking for that glimmer of Your priceless jewel.

It's been awhile since I have blogged.  I have experienced a wane in my spiritual depths but the fault is my own.  A recent survey into death, through the research of a book suitable for explaining it to children, reminded me of my own final wish:  For my ashes to be placed at the lotus feet of Kali at one of Her temples.

Our ashes, our carbon remains, puts me into the perspective of that diamond.  The soil and mineral rough that covers the diamond relates to our physical, disillusioned self-- the asura Ego-- while the diamond itself is our true Self, Atma, that changeless reality indistinguishable from God.  As guilty as any other, I have found myself devolving to a focus upon that false exterior.  The trials and tribulations of life succeeds in hiding the diamond beneath.  In order to find it, we still must dirty our hands.  We must continue to work.

Just as Kali appears black to the physical eyes, a glimpse beyond with the eye of Atma displays Her radiance, gleaming across the Three Worlds in a splendor absolutely incomparable.  But, to see Her, we must first see ourSelves, and just as the soot of endless aeons disintegrates and self-knowledge become manifest, so shall simultaneously the darshan of She Who Takes Away the Darkness be granted. 

I must.  We must keep working.  Damn the dirt and damn the irrelevant matter that veils Truth.

You are there, Mother, are You not?