Thursday, October 27, 2011


Nearing midnight, I contemplate upon Kālī, She Who Takes Away the Darkness. May She be merciful.

Another Autumn, another set of major changes in my life. This is the third one in a row where I find myself facing difficult decisions based upon alterations in the life I previously lived. It's such changes that truly challenges me on every level, because it is the very idea of change that I have difficulty accepting.

Most recently, bizarre circumstances ripped many things I held dear from beneath my feet. In a matter of a few days, I lost a lot and it bothers me deeply. On some level, I expected it to happen. My reaction, thus, was initially that of ambivalence. Other emotions came into play thereafter. I sought and acquired help. It still stabbed deeply.

Attachment is suffering.

Damn, it is.

Fortunately, I found myself in an environment a bit less stressing than I previously imagined. In fact, unforeseen events made null my biggest source of concern and I could not but see a providence led by Her hand, her mudra of protection, held high. Therefore, I sit now in a neutral state, observing whatever may come next. May She be merciful.

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